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Top 6 Game-Changing Photographers Who Inspire Us

There are thousands of photographers online nowadays and as a result it’s so much harder for anyone to make a real impression on people. With all these photography resources at our disposal, I think there’s a real threat of information overload! So I’ve taken the liberty of listing out my favourite inspirational photographers. Of course there are hundreds more, but I only have so much room on this blog :)

These photographers really take creativity and execution to another level in my book. These are the guys who’s blogs you need to be subscribing to if you’re not already, because you’ll not only be inspired every week but you’ll probably learn something too.

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The end of DigitalJournalist.org?

The very popular DigitalJournalist online photojournalist magazine reports that they may have to end soon because its main sponsor, Canon, has pulled out. That’s quite unfortunate since DigitalJournalist is an amazing resource for photojournalists, and showcases very important stories by some really talented photographers.

They’re asking for help from their readers through paypal pledges to keep the site afloat for now. I hope they can achieve their goals as the site is one of my favourites.

“If you value The Digital Journalist, this is the time to step up and make a pledge. If enough people do, we may be able to keep The Digital Journalist — and visual journalism — alive. Consider it as an investment in yourself, and the future.”
- Dirck Halstead, Editor and Publisher

For more about this take a look at their announcement here.