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Adobe Lightroom 3.0 is now available

The official release of Lightroom 3.0 is now available after a long public beta testing round. There’ve been a number of interesting changes from the public beta version, and this final release looks like it will be a great tool for photographers with significantly more features than in v2.0 that would be worth upgrading for.

More after the jump.


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Photoshop CS5 – A Game Changing Release?

Adobe Photoshop CS5 was just announced for release on April 12, 2010. This much anticipated release will introduce among other things two brand new game-changing features:

  • Content Awareness and
  • new brush tool behaviours.

swadobephotoshop11.0cs4 Photoshop CS5   A Game Changing Release?

More about each of these features with links to some mind-blowing demo videos after the jump.

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The EVIL Cameras Cometh

The new EVIL cameras (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lenses) that are being rolled out to consumers this year could revolutionize camera design. Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung already have EVIL models coming out soon, and rumours are abound that Canon and Nikon will soon follow.



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Nikon D3x, D3, D700 and D300S – Firmware Upgrade and Fix Available

Nikon has announced firmware updates for the D3X, D3, D700 and D300S which are available for immediate download. The firmware fixes a number of issues described below.

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365 Photo-A-Day Photo Project

A few days ago I began my 365 Photo-A-Day Project for 2010 along with hundreds of others on the net. This innovative project consists of taking a photograph a day for 365 days and posting it up on flickr, a blog, or some place on the internet to share with others. The photo can be of anything, some people take portraits, some people have a theme, and some people (like myself) take any shot that might be fun or interesting.

It’s been incredibly fun doing this, and I’m loving the challenge of making sure I take some sort of picture a day.

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Bibble 5 Announced

Happy New Year!

If you’re looking for a solid RAW workflow software, Bibble 5 might just fit your bill.  Bibble is known to be extremely fast and has a powerful set of features. The full announcement is below.

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3 Awesome ‘Pictures of the Year’ Compilations for 2009

I always enjoy going through the various Year In Pictures compilation that many of the news sites publish at this time of year. I find the photography not only inspiring, but also a great learning tool.

As PhotoBlazr winds down for the year, we’ve compiled some links to our  favourite ‘Pictures of the Year’ compilations for 2009 this year. Check out the list after the jump.

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The end of DigitalJournalist.org?

The very popular DigitalJournalist online photojournalist magazine reports that they may have to end soon because its main sponsor, Canon, has pulled out. That’s quite unfortunate since DigitalJournalist is an amazing resource for photojournalists, and showcases very important stories by some really talented photographers.

They’re asking for help from their readers through paypal pledges to keep the site afloat for now. I hope they can achieve their goals as the site is one of my favourites.

“If you value The Digital Journalist, this is the time to step up and make a pledge. If enough people do, we may be able to keep The Digital Journalist — and visual journalism — alive. Consider it as an investment in yourself, and the future.”
- Dirck Halstead, Editor and Publisher

For more about this take a look at their announcement here.

Getty Images wants you!

I had an interesting Twitter conversation with someone I just met from Brazil yesterday (I still find that so cool) and I learned about Getty Image’s Flickr collection

Getty Images, if you don’t know, is one of the largest stock photography companies in the world, and many of the photos you see in newspapers and magazines come from their archives.

They’re asking people to send in Flickr collections of their photos for consideration into Getty’s archive, and if the photos are accepted and then sold as stock pictures, the submitters are paid (ching! ching!). I thought this was an innovative way of leveraging the millions of online photographers around the world - it’s like someone at Getty just finished reading  Wikinomics :)

So, if you’re interested in submitting your Flickr pics, becoming famous and getting paid, here’s the howto. Good luck!

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Convention 2010 in Vegas

Last year I attended the annual WPPI convention in Las Vegas and thought it was an awesome experience. There were a lot of great lectures, tutorials and contacts I made during the event. You also get a lot of free stuff :) So I definitely recommend it for any photographers looking to learn something new or be inspired.

The next one coming up is in March 4-11, 2010. The trade show is free I believe so even if you’re just in the area, its worth stopping by and taking a look.

Click here for the 2010 convention website and here for the list speakers.


WPPI 2010

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