I love my iPhone and I love all the apps that are available for it. So today, I wanted to go through PhotoBlazr’s top 4 FREE photography-related iPhone apps. All these apps do work on iPod Touch as well by the way

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Now I’ve downloaded a lot of photography apps for my iPhone over the last month or two, and most of these programs have turned out to be fun for about 5 minutes, before I’ve gotten bored and moved on to the next gimmick. These 4 apps though have remained on my iPhone for a few weeks now, and have proved themselves worthwhile. They’re not only fun to use, but have also improved my productivity. The best part is that they’re all free!

So starting at #4, here’s the PhotoBlazr Top 4 photography apps on the iPhone:

4. Dash of Colour

Dash of Colour is a fun little app that let’s you ‘paint in’ or ‘paint out’ the colours in your photos. You just use your finger to paint around the photo areas you want. Now, I know it sounds like such a simple little app, but it really helps produce very creative photos in a very intuitive way.

dashofcolor 4 Essential and Free Photography Apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch

It wasn’t until I started playing around with the app, did I realize how cool the effect of painting in the colour of people’s faces and objects was in photos. Ok, sure, it might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but for a free app, it’s worth the download.

3. Camera Plus

Have you ever wanted to take a photo with your iPhone but didn’t have zoom capability to truly capture the moment? Camera Plus lets you zoom into a scene now. The interface is very similar to the native iPhone Camera app as well.


cameraplus1 4 Essential and Free Photography Apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch cameraplus2 4 Essential and Free Photography Apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch
Without Zoom With Zoom

Camera Plus uses ‘digital’ zoom to blow up the scene (versus optical zoom) so the quality isn’t as great, but when you’re in a tight spot and need to zoom in for the shot, this app comes in very handy.

2. Flickr

The Flickr app is a neccessity for any photographer with a Flickr account. The slick interface allows you to easily connect to your Flickr account, browse new comments, see recent photos, and message your contact list. You can also quickly view your tagged sets and favourite photos, and search for photos easily.

flickrapp 4 Essential and Free Photography Apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch

Of course, the Flickr app allows you to upload photos direct from your iPhone, allowing you to tag, set permissions, and create descriptions for each photo. What I liked the most about it, was that it allowed you to select multiple photos and upload them in one shot.

Since I carry my iPhone everywhere, I’ve found it to not only be an indespensible aid in monitoring my account, but also in uploading photos for my Photo A Day project.

1. Photoshop Mobile

PS Mobile is a great little app that will let you do some basic but significant changes to your photos right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I’ve found this amazingly useful as I can take a photo, make some basic edits, and then upload it directly to my Flickr without even touching a computer.

Some of the current edits you can make are: cropping, rotating, exposure, saturation, tint, contrast and black & whites.

psmobile 4 Essential and Free Photography Apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch

You can also enhance your photos by using selective focusing and sharpening options, and then add some great borders and artistic effects to add some oomph. After you’re done completing your masterpiece you can upload it to Photoshop.com for free as well.

So that’s it, that’s a list of our favourite 4 photography apps, all available at iTunes for no charge. Try them out and have fun!

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