Adobe Photoshop CS5 was just announced for release on April 12, 2010. This much anticipated release will introduce among other things two brand new game-changing features:

  • Content Awareness and
  • new brush tool behaviours.

swadobephotoshop11.0cs4 Photoshop CS5   A Game Changing Release?

More about each of these features with links to some mind-blowing demo videos after the jump.

The Content Awareness feature will allow PhotoShop CS5 to fill in areas of a photo with what it ‘thinks’ should be there based on the rest of the photo. For example, you can easily remove a tree and replace it with a sky background without having to painstakingly clone the tree out.

The demo below shows you this feature in more detail:

The other amazing feature involves the behaviour of the different brush tools. PhotoShop CS5 now allows one to pin points in an image and move the rest of the scene around using different brush strokes. Watch the video below to check out this feature.

Overall PhotoShop CS5 looks like it will provide some incredible new features for photographers, and I for one can’t wait for the release date.