In photography, learning from others is one of the best ways to educate yourself about what makes a good photograph and what doesn’t. Like many online photographers, I have a number of favourite sites I look through each month/week/day to go through photos and articles to develop a better understanding photography.

One of my absolute favourite websites is and its Student Critiques project and I’ll tell you why after the jump.

sportsshooter screenshot

One of the best educational tools that I’ve seen on the internet for photography is SportsShooter.  SportsShooter caters to professional photographers who focus mostly on sports but also on photojournalism in general – in fact to become a member (and to submit critiques), you need to be a working active pro-photojournalist. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a member to peruse the critiques and other articles on the site.

In essence, student photographers submit their photojournalistic portfolios to SportsShooter’s team of professional photojournalists/photographers for critique, and once a month the best/most interesting porfolio is published, complete with critiques. These critiques are truly constructive and insightful. Unlike critiques you might find on internet forums, the critics are established professionals who are truly knowledgable about photography and the art of telling stories. They also do a good job of communicating their suggestions and recommendations. Keep in mind that these critiques aren’t really technical, it’s more about composition suggestions and comments about producing more powerful photos in a portfolio.

I go through these portfolios and critiques on the first of each month (ie. when a new portfolio is published) to help improve my photography and story-telling abilities. I can’t recommend the site enough, and I think the portfolio critique section is an incredibly valuable learning tool for any photographer at any level.

Link:’s Student Portfolio Critiques