The new EVIL cameras (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lenses) that are being rolled out to consumers this year could revolutionize camera design. Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung already have EVIL models coming out soon, and rumours are abound that Canon and Nikon will soon follow.



The new design removes the need for the bulky mirror prism that makes DSLRs essential for discerning photographers. The change allows the EVIL camera to be much smaller and more compact than any DSLR can be, and still use large enough sensors to ensure top quality images. Unlike regular point & shoots, these compact cameras also support interchangeable lenses which takes the game to a whole new level.

Wired has a great article on why one should ditch the DSLRs for the new EVIL cams. The 5 reasons being:

  1. They’re small
  2. They take great pictures
  3. You can change lenses
  4. They’re Fast
  5. They’re compact and don’t scream “Look at Me”

Now personally, I’m super-excited to grab one of these bad boys and throw it in my camera bag when I g out, but I have a feeling I’ll still love my DSLRs. Small is great, but when you have big hands, a small point and shoot doesn’t always provide the grip one needs, or the heftiness to counterbalance one’s hands for steady photos.

Though the price point is still very high right now, it won’t be long before they drop and make these EVIL cameras more reachable to general consumers. I expect it will be a very exciting time for photography at that point :)