A few days ago I began my 365 Photo-A-Day Project for 2010 along with hundreds of others on the net. This innovative project consists of taking a photograph a day for 365 days and posting it up on flickr, a blog, or some place on the internet to share with others. The photo can be of anything, some people take portraits, some people have a theme, and some people (like myself) take any shot that might be fun or interesting.

It’s been incredibly fun doing this, and I’m loving the challenge of making sure I take some sort of picture a day.

I’ve switched to using a point and shoot for this project so that I can carry a camera with me all the time to keep it simple. Now I have an excuse to upgrade my point & shoot to a Canon G11 :)

I always enjoy seeing other peoples 365 Projects, and checking out the interesting candids they were able to catch every day. I imagine it must be quite fascinating to go through your photos at the end of a whole year and remember all the little events that made it up that most may have forgotten.

If you’re interested in joining in you can read more about it here:

  1. PhotoJojo Project 365: This link explains the details and also consists of a great community of photographers who participate in the project
  2. Flickr 365Project Group: A Flickr group to share all your 365Project photos. There are a lot more, but this one’s a good place to start.

You’ll be able to see or follow PhotoBlazr’s ‘365 Photo A Day’ photos on our gallery through the 365 Project link above.

If you have a 365 Photo Project, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll add you to our blog roll.